Go on holiday in Gran Canaria. Your suitcase is already there!

Welcome to Inselkofferraum!

But first, some information about myself: My name is Fritz Schnecko (48), I am the managing director and founder of Inselkofferraum.de. I have been going regularly to Gran Canaria for 7 years now and I have experience in different industries, both as an employee and as a self-employed person.

This is about offering an opportunity to vacationers, winter visitors of Gran Canaria, who always come to the island, to offer a safe and dry spot for their luggage. The luggage is collected from the accommodation, washed on request until the next visit and then stored. It is then returned to the accommodation when it is needed.

Many people spend their winter in the Canaries for 2-4 months. Then, often more than one suitcase is needed to store everything. And he who doesn’t have his own apartment, his own bungalow or even offers his own place for rent while he is away, has the possibility to leave his luggage behind with me. Inselkofferraum - I am convinced of the service idea and would be very happy if you would like to help build this startup company.

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Our services:

Luggage storage

Instead of transporting your bags every year by plane again, leave your luggage, bike, surfboard, etc. at the holiday resort.

Laundry service

Not only do we look after your suitcase, we will also ensure that your clothes will be waiting for you freshly cleaned.


We offer certain items like a water heater or a PC monitor for rent, in case your residence does not own the necessary equipment.